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Leather Gloves For Kids Handmade And made To Last

leather gloves for kids

leather gloves fo rkids

Leather Gloves For Kids

Find out our handmade collection of leather gloves for kids in different colours ranging from classical grey coloured gloves to more striking colours like orange and red. These leather gloves for kids that are made to withstand cold temperatures and freezing winds sit comfy and warm and are pleasant to wear. Cold hands and aching fingers could simply be avoided by the internal built layers of soft and warm wool. By the fact that every piece isn’t made in low wage-countries like China or Thailand, but handmade in Europe it makes every pair of gloves unique. Visit our new webshop and discover our collection of leather gloves for children, available in three sizes, small, medium and large.

For more questions about these leather gloves for kids about the ideal size etc.  you can always reach use by email: